Wholistic Kitchens

Wholistic Kitchens

Plant Based Nutrition

Wholistic Kitchens offers a nice blend of community and business. One portion is a community that co-mingles and shares recipes, and the other portion is a business that offers a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle Made Easy series of classes.

The design goal for wholistickitchens.com was to be a newsletter for upcoming events, workshops, and foodie parties.


  • Website Builder

    WordPress self hosted platform using Themeco PRO Framework

  • Special Features

    Old-style themes are a pain to edit, PRO makes it easy for the site owner to copy and paste entire sections to restyle and use over and over

  • Site History

    WordPress initially installed and designed in 2012, wholistickitchens.com has since combined with a sister blog, and has had one hosting change

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