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Workshop is the shared choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs who prefer a mix of web design services along with personalized one-on-one WordPress training.

  • What is a WordPress Designer?

    Designs are the descriptive words used to entice, and the images that tell a story, all stirred into a keyword soup to feed the search engines. WordPress and its thousands of plugin features provide a powerful structure without a single line of code.

  • WordPress Themes and Builders

    Some really awesome front-end builders are being developed that render ordinary themes useless. Workshop currently uses Oxygen Builder and Themeco PRO for new designs and makeovers, but can also offer technical support for DIVI, Genesis, and Elementor frameworks.

  • Layout and Graphic Design

    Logos, icons, image photography, social media banners, printed brochures, cards, and newsletters.

  • Dashboard Training

    Learn how all the components in your new website work in the comfort of your own home with personalized one-on-one screenshare training sessions.

  • Virtual Assistance

    For 24/7 assistance in monitoring security, reputation, or corrospondence needs.

  • Hardware and Software

    Workhop is located inside a Mac laptop. The most used applications are Pages, Keynote, iPhotos, iMovie, and online image editing software.

  • Pricing and What to Expect

    We'll get together by phone for a question and answer session to find out about your business requirements. If we're a good fit, a tiered proposal of custom marketing services along with an installment plan will be offered.

Now Accepting New Clients

Suzanne Burton, Project Manager
Memphis, Tennessee

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