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Welcome to my Workshop

Hello, I’m Suzanne Burton, thanks for stopping by my Workshop. My background is marketing & advertising. When print media fell off a cliff in 2010 I turned to WordPress as a way of continuing to market my advertisers.

The journey gave me many opportunities to experiment & stretch the power of WordPress as a business development & marketing tool.

The big secret I discovered along the way is that is the only platform in the world where the clients' OWN their site. They can download it, update it, move hosting accounts, and keep a site for decades.

Why put thousands of hours into a website (Shopify, SquareSpace) you can never own? I call that ‘Digital Sharecropping’.

Please visit my project gallery for examples of my latest work, and contact me to brainstorm solutions for your next website project.

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Suzanne Burton, Project Manager
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