Ready to build your website and don’t know where to begin?

My name is Suzanne Burton and my Workshop approach is a freelance offsite marketing agency that partners with your business to provide comprehensive marketing assisting services to grow your business.

At this time I am interested in working with ambitious start-ups or companies to design or redesign their marketing materials to meet the challenges of today’s fast moving technology.

If you don’t have the time

Depending upon how much marketing you already have, a website redesign can be completed quickly utilizing 4-5 twenty-minute screen share sessions. Maintenance and further services may be offered afterward.

If you do have the time

Allow me to be your guide to help put the all pieces together effectively. This is a more affordable option because the actual work is done by you. When your new site is completed you will be trained on how to run it yourself.

“The internet is a lot more fun when you know how it’s done.”